About Veteran Graves

Welcome to VeteranGraves.com! More than just a virtual cemetery, we enable patriotic Americans to honor our military veterans of the past with remembrance, a clean headstone, and a flag.

While cleaning the headstones of his ancestors across five states, Trae Zipperer, a Navy veteran and 15th generation American, witnessed the disgraceful condition of historic cemeteries. Among the thousands of grave markers, Trae recognized the iconic shapes of white marble veteran headstones identical to those in our National Cemeteries. But the veteran headstones in private, church, and municipal cemeteries were not clean and white. They were covered in black algae, green moss, and lichens. They were sunken, leaning, and fallen.

Something must be done!

Here's the plan:

  1. Identify, document, and respectfully maintain the graves of every military veteran.
    1. In private cemeteries
    2. In church cemeteries
    3. In municipal cemeteries
  2. Find someone, a Volunteer, willing to create an online Grave for each veteran.
    1. Record each veteran grave here at VeteranGraves.com.
    2. Gather every possible detail about each veteran's military service.
    3. Enter every possible detail about each veteran here at VeteranGraves.com.
    4. Take several specific photos of each veteran's grave.
    5. Upload each specific grave photo here at VeteranGraves.com.
  3. Find someone, a Volunteer, willing to Adopt each veteran grave in America.
    1. Visit the veteran's burial site 3 or 4 times each year.
    2. Clean the veteran's headstone or grave marker as needed.
    3. Make sure the veteran's grave is free of debris and weeds.
    4. Make sure the headstone or grave marker is properly set.
    5. Order a new veteran headstone if needed.
    6. Install a flag holder at the veteran's grave.
    7. Display a flag 365 days a year: 8" x 12" on a 24" stick
  4. Find someone, a Volunteer, willing to Sponsor each veteran grave.
    1. It takes money to maintain a veteran's grave.
    2. It takes money to pay for cleaning supplies.
    3. It takes money to replace grave flags every 3 to 6 months.
    4. It takes money to pay for resetting a veteran's headstone.

Will you help honor America's military veterans of the past?

  1. Enter a veteran's grave into VeteranGraves.com and/or
  2. Adopt a veteran's grave and/or
  3. Sponsor a veteran's grave.